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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability possess many talents, yet may struggle as they make the transition from high school into college, vocational training, employment, and/or independent living. While many have experienced academic success,  these young people may still have difficulties in the areas of academic organization, time management, reading social cues, independent living skills, and understanding and advocating for their needs. These challenges can become more debilitating when the supports of high school and home are removed.

Spectrum Transitions is a coaching practice committed to helping teens and young adults, in collaboration with their families, identify and prioritize areas of need and take steps to prepare for the future. Coaching may involve an educational component, supported exposure to new situations, lots of practice, and supported self-monitoring and problem-solving around obstacles that get in the way.

My goal is to work proactively with my clients to help them prepare for the future they envision, as well as to help them move through transitions,  applying  and expanding upon what they have learned.